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Since overybody (
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Dida is going to be a game engine, that for once isn't focused on graphics, but is focused on gameplay, animation game logic. etc. Just everything a game really needs to be fun, not just eyecandy.

Until now, gameplay wasn't really something that was part of an engine, because it was thought to be way to specific to make a general solution for. Imho, that's true to some extends, but I still think that it should be possible to make a framework that will make gameplay programming a hell of a lot easier than it is now. By example things like interaction with the world, state management and stuff should all be way easier than they are now. Oh, and I want code that's written for dida to be clean, modular and maintainable, and not like in some other engines just a big blob of code that's hacked togehter, and will fall apart when the tiniest thing is changed.

posted by Lieven 13:29

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