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Those two people who occasionally check out this blog may be wondering if Dida is still alive, or that I maybe got seduced by
XNA or something.

Well, I am still very enthousiastic about Dida, but I gotta admit that I'm currently working on a little side project (though it should still be considered a part of Dida). It's a very advanced unit testing/development visualization whatever tool, that's especially designed for game related stuff.

A big part of it is the unit testing framework, but it's a bit more advanced than the usual one. A big feature of it is that you can edit the parameters of a unit test using many different kinds of views, like a 3D view, or a timeline or so.

For example, if you're working on a box intersection test, you create a so called parametric test class, which has 2 boxes as parameters. In the tool, you can in turn create multiple instances of that test, which can all have different boxes as parameters. These parameters can be edited as normal text, but you can also place them in a 3D view, or any other view that particular parameter can be edited in.

In the future you should also be able to do many different kinds of visualization, while debugging your code. A bit like the watch window in visual studio's debugger, only with more advanced ways of visualization.

posted by Lieven 22:26

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