Dida is coming along really nicely. I'm actually working on the gameplay part again, and it probably won't last that long until I will have a first playable (or what goes for a first playable these days).

This weekend though, I got interupted by an unexpected issue. The thing is, that I was using the managed directx 2.0 beta, and that appeared to have a timebomb in it, which just exploded (it actually threw a TimeBombException:)). The means that the beta has expired, and I'm not allowed to use the beta anymore, and that I had to upgrade to the final version. The final version of mdx2.0 is actually integrated in XNA, so I was pretty much forced to start using XNA.

Well, XNA seems quite nice. The part I was working with still contains mostly the same functionality as MDX, ie. it's quite low level, it only got a bit of an API overhoul. Besides that, there are also supposed to be many more things, like mesh loading, and content management, but I haven't really looked into those yet.

posted by Lieven 22:17

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